Donate Through Midlands Gives

Midlands Gives is a platform sponsored by the Central Carolina Community Foundation.  Once a year in the spring they host a statewide campaign to help nonprofit organizations such as Keep the Midlands Beautiful spread the word about our mission and to help us solicit donations.  Although donations are often matched and prizes are awarded for donations received by participating nonprofit organizations on the specified spring date, donations are accepted and encouraged through the website all year.  You can help KMB meet or exceed our 2022 goal by donating now!


To make a donation using a credit card through the Midlands Gives website, simply...

Other than a small transaction fee, 100% of your donation will be given to Keep the Midlands Beautiful.


Donated funds will be used to expand the adoption rates of the streets, roads, highways, and waterways in our programs in our continued effort to keep the Midlands clean and green.


Thank you for your support!