2019 Shoe Drive

About the Shoe Drive:

Our 2019 Shoe Drive program runs from April 1 to May 17, 2019. Throughout the program, organizations across the Midlands help us collect gently-used shoes of any style by hosting shoe collection sites.

The Shoe Drive diverts shoes from our landfills, and all collection materials are provided to volunteers at no cost!   The shoes collected are then sent to developing countries to provide footwear to those who do not have access to this basic necessity.  We are very proud to promote the program each year.

Why Participate?

By collecting gently-worn shoes and shipping them to communities in developing countries, KMB is able to divert hundreds of pairs of shoes from area landfills.  We are not just about helping the Midlands—we also want to support those who are not in our service region.

We believe it is imperative to nurture and preserve our environment in order to create a sustainable future.  In fact, one aspect of our mission is to increase and improve recycling in South Carolina.  By diverting gently-used shoes from area landfills, we are able to prevent toxic chemicals from leaching into our soil, and thus protect our plants and wildlife, as well.

Ready to Get Started?

If you would like to promote the Drive and serve as a shoe collection location, please contact us and let us know how many of the roll carts you will need!

  • You may then pick up your collection bin at our office, which is located at 1305 Augusta Road, West Columbia, SC 29169.  We will also give you a sign to put on your bin to distinguish it from other collection bins! If you need extras, click here for the PDF of our flyer.
  • Although we provide the roll carts, we typically do not deliver them to organizations or businesses, as this is a volunteer-initiated program.
    • We will make every effort to accommodate you for roll cart pickup if you do not have a vehicle that can carry them!

When your roll cart is full, KMB will come collect it.  We will replace it with an empty cart in order for your organization to continue collection.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Because this is a volunteer-driven program, we like to  encourage businesses and organizations with Shoe Drive bins to bind the shoes together either at the laces or with a rubber band.
  • After ensuring the shoes are properly joined by either the laces or with a rubber band, it’s time to start packing them!
  • After bagging your paired shoes, be sure to tie off the bags.  Please only put 25 pairs of shoes in a bag. If you have less than 25 pairs of shoes in the bag, please place a label on the bag that states how many pairs of shoes are inside.

Collecting Shoes on a Smaller Scale:

If you would like to do a small-scale collection at your home or small business, we will happily provide you with plastic bags and rubber bands for you to collect shoes at your home, small business, or even your dorm!

The same guidelines apply for personal shoe collection:

  • Please make sure that all shoes are in gently-used, wearable condition; that they are connected by the laces or by a rubber band; and that there are no more than 25 pairs per bag.
  • If you have less than 25 pairs to a bag, we will still take your shoes! Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to come up with 25 pairs.   Any amount of shoes makes a difference, and we will happily accept them.

What Kind of Shoes Are Accepted?

We accept all styles and sizes of gently-worn, used (or new!) shoes during the Shoe Drive!

As a general rule of thumb, if the shoes are not something you would lend to a friend or family member, it may not be suitable for the Shoe Drive.  We want to distribute all shoes we receive in order to divert them from the landfill, so please ensure that they are in good, wearable condition.

Shoes should be clean and free of holes, with soles intact.    We are not breaking down or throwing away the shoes—we are sending them to developing countries to provide sustainable footwear to those in need!


We need your help!

We rely on our volunteers to make our programs a success.  Please consider borrowing a bin and serving as a collection site.  If you would like additional information, please email info@keepthemidlandsbeautiful.org or call (803) 733-1139.