Community Award Nomination

Email 1-2 pages with information about why the person or organization deserves the award to  Provide supporting documentation as needed.  Nominations are accepted year-round but are due in late September.

Award Categories

Green Outstanding Educator Award

  • This is any individual in Richland County, Lexington County, or in the City of Columbia who:
    • Facilitates learning opportunities;
    • Raises awareness inside OR outside the classroom;
    • Inspires, educates, or enforces a “greener” lifestyle;
    • Is an employee, a student, a citizen, a teacher or in in any position to influence others (i.e. it is limitless and is not restricted to teachers)

Green Small Business Award

  • Business with less than 30 employees
  • Dedicated to providing excellent service to Midlands citizens
  • Utilizes environmentally friendly practices related to promoting their business; packaging their products; and educating their employees about sustainable and green practices at the office
  • Membership in the Midlands Green Business Program is encouraged but not required.

Green Large Business Award

  • Exhibits Green corporate responsibility; for example:
    • Implements innovative projects via top-up approach to sustainability that begins with a broad goal or company-wide green initiative that can be modified or enhanced to fit the specific needs of each department
    • Green leaders who attend educational sessions or trainings and bring that knowledge back to educate, inspire and engage employees at all levels.
  • Membership in the Midlands Green Business Program is encouraged but not required.

Green Elected Official Award

  • An elected official who makes every effort to support green initiatives

Green Enforcement Officer Award

  • Contributes to efforts put forth by KMB and their partners to keep the community clean
  • Continuously makes an effort to clean up unsightly blight, illegal dumping and graffiti in their district.
  • Puts forth a concerted effort to address underlying factors that influence crime rates and apply strategies that will deter low-level criminal behavior

Sustainability Leadership Award

  • Recognizes and implements best practices for sustainability
  • Leader in the community who demonstrates a deep understanding for the key aspects of sustainability
  • Promotes conversation about greening and sustainability at the workplace and at home
  • Leads by example: has successfully converted awareness into action by implementing programs and projects that are environmentally and financially sustainable
  • Believes being “sustainable” is essential to everyday life for all inhabitants of the earth—including trees, insects, animals, and humans, alike.
  • Invokes the mission of Keep the Midlands Beautiful in daily life: engages, inspires, and encourages Midlands citizens to recycle responsibly; prevent litter; and beautify their surroundings

Outstanding Community Servant Award

  • Goes beyond raising awareness of environmental issues in the Midlands
  • Maintains an active role in litter abatement, recycling, and beautification initiatives
  • Can always be relied on to partner with Keep the Midlands Beautiful in its mission to further beautify the Midlands through waste reduction, litter abatement, and beautification

Midlands Community Impact Award

  • Someone/entity who has demonstrated a growing commitment to the community
  • Someone who has dedicated over 30 hours to beautification, litter removal or recycling
  • Has been a major motivator for others to continue to complete this work

Beautiful Benefactor Award

  • Has given a service of great value to the community
  • Continued dedication and support to the community
  • Strives to educate the public in what they are doing and why it is important to the community