How to Prevent and Control Litter


What YOU Can Do to Prevent and Control Litter

1. Secure every load, every time and do it right.

  • Tie garbage bags tightly, twice.
  • If you do take bags to Collection and Recycling Centers, do it before they disintegrate.
  • Use a tarp or net to cover all loads and/or secure them with a rope or bungee cord.
  • If items are placed in a garbage can for transportation, cover the can and secure the lid.
  • What seems secure while stopped, may not be secure while driving.  Things shift, roll, blow, bump, and fly out.  It’s not "THEM" causing that ugly litter.  It is "US".  Let’s make it stop.


2. Report people who litter. 

  • Call PalmettoPride’s Litter Busters Hotline at 1-877-7LITTER to report their license plate, what you saw, where and when you saw it.  They’ll get a letter in the mail and hopefully they’ll think twice and be more careful next time. 
  • Go to (report a litterbug) for more information.


3. Convince your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to secure their loads correctly and not to litter.

  • It might take a few more minutes to add a tarp but it will have a tremendous impact!


Tarp Your Load!  It's the Law.

Did you know that in South Carolina it is illegal to operate a vehicle from which material is escaping?  In fact, it is a crime punishable by a maximum fine of $1,087 and a minimum of 15 hours of litter pick-up.  Litter decreases the beauty of our county, decreases property values and is harmful to wildlife.


According to PalmettoPride, unsecured loads are the number one source of litter in South Carolina and they are therefore illegal in South Carolina.  Please remember to secure your load and tarp as needed when traveling with materials.  


Go to State Littering Law and Litter and the Law for more information. 

The RIGHT way to transport materials!


The WRONG way to transport materials!